Our Story

Hi, I’m Beau Hiner, owner and founder of College Meals. I’ve helped feed locals and university students for years through my restaurant Doughby’s. During my time as a business leader and community member in Oxford I have really grown to understand the particular needs of our college students. You want a convenient, reliable way to access real, high-quality food, so you can focus on your studies and college life. And that’s why I created College Meals on Wheels.

Our service is a real solution to one of the biggest time-consuming activities we all experience — cooking. I wanted students to have an easy way to get their meals. No more wondering what you’ve got in the fridge or if you have time to go to the store. No more worrying about over or under-cooking your food and having to clean-up afterwards. College Meals handles everything.

We use real ingredients and make quality meals delivered right to you. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in our community and look forward to helping make things a little easier for you to focus on your studies instead of your stomach. Hope you enjoy our menu for many semesters to come!

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